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T-shirt printing and branded t-shirts in Nairobi

At Yosam Branding, we print custom designs on t-shirts using methods such as screen printing and heat transfer, starting from Ksh. 300, depending on your design and print requirements.

At Yosam Branding, we print custom designs on t-shirts using methods such as screen printing and heat transfer, starting from Ksh. 450, depending on your design and print requirements.

In today's world branded t-shirts are all around us. Companies like Safaricom, Sportpesa, Absa and Yosam Branding (only to mention a few) are using them because using branded t-shirts as promotional items is benefitial.

"Why Use Branded T-shirts For Brand Promotion"


Our pricing depends on three factors only:

  1. Type of print design
  2. Size of print design
  3. Number of t-shirts

For print designs smaller than an A4 paper size we charge Ksh. 300. This price varies depending factors mentioned above.

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custom branded t-shirts in Nairobi
corporate branded t-shirts in Nairobi


  1. We have highly experienced graphic designers who will help you create effective designs for marketing.
  2. Our printing experts ensure your design is put perfectly on the t-shirt.
  3. We offer free consultation to help you make the most affordable choice while maintaining print quality.
  4. We can either get you the t-shirts to be printed on or you can bring your own.
  5. If need be, we organize the delivery of the t-shirts to your location at an affordable cost.
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Companies, businesses, schools and individuals print their designs on t-shirts for a variety of reasons:

  1. For identity - where staff/students wear similarly branded uniform
  2. For promotion - where branded t-shirts are given to the market for free or at an extremely low price.
  3. Gifts to family and friends

The key to successful marketing using branded t-shirts is to make shirts that your customers will love to wear. That is, both the print and the t-shirt should be of high quality.

Benefits of using branded t-shirts for brand promotion

  1. Widespread brand recognition. As people walk around with your brand printed on their t-shirts they become your brand ambassadors. Thus, many people become familiar with your brand.
  2. It increases customer loyalty. As a rule of thumb, give them something useful and they'll come to you when need arises in your niche.
  3. It allows for targeted marketing which is more effective.
  4. It's an affordable marketing solution relative to other marketing solutions such as tv, radio, cinema ads and newspaper.
  5. Markets your brand for a relatively longer time as t-shirts are long lasting and they don't go out of fashion. Customers will keep your t-shirts for a long time and as they will be willingly promoting your business overtime.
  6. Improves company's morale when given to employees.
  7. Your business will look more professional when all your staff wear as one (similarly branded uniform). As a result you'll gain the trust of the clients.

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